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If God created the world, how does that affect me?

What about Evolution

So you might ask; if God did create the world, then what does that mean to me? It means that we are accountable to Him. He has a claim upon us because He made us.

So what's the big deal about that? The problem is that all of us have broken God's laws; we have all rebelled against Him. He is a just God and wrong must be punished. However God has made a way of escape. He sent His own son Jesus Christ (who is in Himself God) to come into this world and take the punishment that we deserve (see the Who is Jesus pages). Jesus rose from the dead and is now back in heaven. If we believe this and admit to Him that we have rebelled against His laws and ask Him to forgive us then He will do so and will help us to turn away from our rebellion and will help us to lead a life that pleases Him. Then when we die we know that we have a future in heaven with Him. (see How can I get right with God?)