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Is evolution an established fact?

What about Evolution

For many people the idea of criticising evolution is preposterous. After all, it is the theory we are taught at school and hear about on the media. Is it not an established fact? But if we think about the nature of the theory, such an idea can never be an established fact, as it deals with things that happen in the past. All the evidence that scientists have exists in the present, not in the past. You cannot dig up the past, all you can do is to look at the present and try and work out what happened in the past. This may sound confusing; but if you really think about it, no theory about the past can ever be proven to be an absolute fact.

However supposing it was possible for us to say that such a theory was fact, is there really that much evidence for evolution? Many scientists are examining the evidence and are finding that the opposite seems to be true, that the universe had to be created. This is an option many are uncomfortable with as a creation requires a creator and this is probably one big reason why creation science is looked down upon by the media. However in some parts of the world such as the USA, this debate is raging so fiercely that the media cannot ignore it. We will seek to look at some of the evidence that points toward a creator and against evolution in the following pages.