Find the Answer in the Bible

Who is Jesus

Whatever your thoughts are about Jesus Christ one thing is undeniable; He has changed the course of human history. Our calendars system works from the date of his birth. B.C. means "before Christ"; A.D. (Anno Domini) means "the year of our Lord".

He never did the usual things that you would associate with a great leader. He never wrote a book or went into politics, He never travelled more than 200 miles from His place of birth and He only preached for 3 years, yet no one else has had as great an impact on the history of this world than Jesus Christ. None of the great leaders have changed the lives of their followers for the better like this Man has. Those who experience Him and come into a living relationship with Him are completely transformed.

Every person must at some point make a decision about who Jesus Christ really is. This decision is the most important decision that you will ever make and the following pages are set up to help you to make an informed decision.