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What was Jesus' life actually like?

Who is Jesus

The life of Jesus is recorded for us in 4 books called the gospels, which are found at the start of the New Testament. The Bible says that Jesus was God but came to earth with a specific mission.

Jesus was born in a small town called Bethlehem in Israel 2000 years ago. The Bible tells us that He was born supernaturally of a woman who was a virgin. His whole life was marked by humility and His birth was no exception. He was laid in a feeding trough because there was no room anywhere else. Wise men travelled from the east to visit this child as they recognised that He was the Messiah; the promised king. Angels appeared to shepherds and directed them to Bethlehem to where their Messiah was being born. When Herod the king heard that another king was born he ordered the massacre of all boys under the age of two; however Jesus had already left the district.

Jesus grew up in the despised town of Nazareth, doing everything perfectly. He worked with His father in the carpentry trade. He did not come out publicly until the age of thirty.

His public ministry was confined to 3 years. During this time He went round the country of Israel preaching. He did many supernatural miracles, healing all those who were sick. Most of His miracles were unheard of, like giving sight to those who were born blind and raising the dead. He angered the religious leaders of the day because His perfect life showed just how corrupt they were. They also disagreed with His claims. Those who tried to find fault with Him said:

No man ever spoke like this man! John 7:46

He had a close group of friends around Him called the twelve disciples. Throughout these three years He did not have His own house and when He travelled He always went about on foot. The hatred of the religious leaders grew to the extent that they decided to put Him to death.

The religious leaders took Him and tried to make false accusations against Him to the Roman authorities. None of the charges could be proven and the governor proclaimed Him innocent. However the Jewish leaders worked up the crowd to demand His death and the governor ordered His crucifixion to pacify the people. Jesus was tortured by the soldiers then nailed to a cross between two thieves. Even as He was being crucified He prayed for His executioners saying:

Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do. Luke 23:34

Then, for no apparent reason, darkness descended for three hours and there were great earthquakes. Something else was happening besides His crucifixion. The Bible says that God the Father was pouring all his anger and punishment for the sins of the world upon His Son Jesus; that means Jesus was willingly suffering the punishment of hell fire for every single person who has ever lived, or ever will live. This was the mission for which He had come. Jesus endured all this suffering and the darkness went away. It was impossible for Him to die a natural death; He had to give up His own life. Two of His friends took His body down from the cross and put Him in a tomb.

The tomb was guarded heavily by a strong Roman guard and a huge boulder was placed over the entrance to the tomb because they feared that He would rise again. Three days later some women came to the grave and found the boulder removed and the strong guard inexplicably fast asleep. They entered into the tomb and found no one there; just the grave clothes folded neatly. Then two angels appeared and told them not to be afraid because Jesus is alive. Jesus Himself then appeared to them and presented Himself alive. For many days after His death Jesus was on earth in His risen body. He appeared to many people, at one stage appearing to 500 people at once. He ate with them and they could touch Him. But one day He went up to the Mount of Olives with His disciples and left them; going back up into heaven.

To find out more about the life of Jesus please read the gospel by John