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Is Evolution actually possible?

What about Evolution

One of the most common myths about creationists is that they don't believe that animals change. Of course animals change! These are the kind of changes that Charles Darwin observed. If we take dogs for example. There are many different types of dogs. It is thought that the original dog would have been something like a wolf and these dogs have changed through natural selection into all the different kinds of dogs that we see in the world around us. Darwin presumed that if these changes continued you could end up with a completely different animal. This was where he went wrong.

To understand natural selection we need to know some very basic genetics. A good example to use is wolves during the ice age. Before the ice age a group of wolves have the genes for long hair and the genes for short hair. Their offspring will be a mixed bunch. Some will only have the genes for long hair, others will have both and some will only have the genes for short hair. Therefore the wolves with only the long hair gene will have long hair and the wolves with only the short hair gene will have short hair. When the ice age comes it gets very cold and all the short haired wolves die out, leaving only the wolves with the gene for long hair. The wolves therefore now all have long hair. They have changed so that they all have long hair. Surely this is evolution? Actually all that has happened in there has been a loss of the information for short hair in the DNA of the wolf, the complexity of the DNA has decreased. In order for evolution to happen, to have onward and upward change the complexity of the DNA must increase, but natural selection cannot do this. Natural selection can turn a wolf into a poodle, as this is a big loss in the complexity of the dog's genetic information. It is not possible to turn a poodle into a wolf, as this would require new information and an increase in the complexity of the dog's DNA.

If we took this analogy to the extreme and said we wanted to turn a wolf into a bird. This is totally impossible as a bird has body parts such as wings that a dog doesn't have. In order to get these wings new genetic information is needed. Where does it come from? Natural selection can only reduce the information in the DNA of the dog.

Another mechanism that is suggested is mutations or copying mistakes. It is claimed by some that mutations change the DNA in an animal and can therefore eventually lead a dog to develop wings for example. However numerous experiments have shown that mutations do not increase the amount of information in the DNA, they only muck around with and spoil the existing information. Mutations are responsible for thousands of diseases in both people and animals. Mutations therefore just continue to degenerate the gene pool, not improve it. Saying that mutations and natural selection lead to the onward, upward changes required by evolution is a bit like saying that if a failing business makes a small loss every year, given enough years it will make a profit! Things don't work like that in reality; natural selection and mutations are working in the opposite direction to evolution.

What can we learn from this? We know that both animals and humans are degenerating over time. The amount of harmful mutations in our bodies are increasing. This means that there once must have been a time when our bodies weren't so bad and had no problems. This fits perfectly with the Bible's account of creation where it says:

Then God saw everything that He had made, and indeed it was very good. Genesis 1:31

According to the Bible, in the beginning God created different 'kinds' animals, e.g. He created two dogs of he same kind, e.g. both the dogs had all the genetic information necessary to produce all the variety of dogs that we see in world today. This fits perfectly with the scientific evidence that we have looked at.

Originally God's creation was perfect, but then man's rebellion spoiled God's universe leading to all the mutations and degeneration that is around us today. However God has a remedy for our rebellion. To find out more click here.

So in conclusion, is evolution actually possible? The evidence clearly says NO! For more information about mutations and natural selection please click here.