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Can the universe stand alone?

Is there a God?

If there is no God then we assume that everything can be explained by natural causes, as the physical is all there is. The late scientist Carl Sagan once made the statement:

The cosmos is all there is, or was, or ever will be.

There are 2 laws which play havoc with this idea. When these are put together they provide powerful evidence for the existence of a God.

One of the most well established laws in science is the 2nd law of ther-modynamics. This law says that everything runs from order to disorder. We see this law in action in our everyday lives. If I leave my car outside for several years I will not find an improvement, rather rust will have set in and the car will have deteriorated. Even things which do not seem to change much in our lifetime such as the sun and the stars are running down. The sun uses up millions of tonnes of its fuel every second and one day will run out. The same applies to the entire universe. The universe is running down into more and more disorder. The fact that the sun is running down must mean that at one stage the sun had a beginning. The fact that the universe is running down must mean that the universe had a beginning. There is no way that something can naturally go from disorder to order without an outside influence.

Sir Isaac Newton was one of the greatest scientists that this world has ever known. His 3rd law of motion states that every action creates an action that is equal to it. Another way of saying it which reveals more of its implications is that events do not occur without a cause. For instance, nothing starts to move without being pushed. This is not an opinion but a well established fact.

When we put these two laws together we see that the universe had a beginning, and that beginning must have been started by something or someone else, it couldn't have started itself. For the universe to have started in order, it must have something outside of itself to make it that way. The universe cannot stand alone. It needed someone to start it and to give the order that it had.

The only possible option is that the universe must have been started by a God that is outside of the universe.