Find the Answer in the Bible

The God of the Bible

Is there a God?

There are many so called 'gods' but I want to speak of the God I know personally; the God of the Bible. He says in Isaiah 45:5:

I am the Lord and there is no other, there is no God beside Me.

He is the God that is outside of time and space, the God that created time and space. Genesis 1:1 says:

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

He is the God that gave us consciences so that we would have that moral law. The God of the Bible is a God that wants us to know Him and to be in a relationship with Him. He is so interested in us that He came to this earth in Human form so that He could show us His love; see Who is Jesus? However although we know what is right and wrong we have all rebelled against the standards that God has given us. That rebellion makes us dirty and unclean, the Bible calls it SIN. God is perfect and cannot allow us to be in heaven with Him in our sinful state. He is a God of justice and must punish that sin. But God is also a God of love, and when Jesus came to this earth He came to sacrifice Himself and to take the punishment that we deserve. Therefore if we will only turn from our rebellion and ask Him to clean us from our sin, we will be brought into the relationship that a loving God always intended for us. See How can I get right with God.